Discover our beans

Enjoy the unique taste and freshness of our beans available online for pick-up or delivery and in grocery stores in the ready-to-eat section.

Packaging 475 ml of L’Héritage oven-baked beans with pork

Beans with pork

Original recipe

Packaging 475 ml of L’Héritage oven-baked maple beans

Maple beans

Original recipe

Packaging 475 ml of L’Héritage frozen concentrated pea soup

Pea soup

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At L’Héritage, we use premium quality ingredients without preservatives. We have built our reputation since 1977 on the quality, freshness and authentic homemade taste of our oven-baked beans.

The warm weather has arrived.
Get inspired!

Enjoy your patio with our quick and easy meal ideas. Our tasty varieties will quickly be on your list of essential foods to keep on hand to make appetizing and nutritious meals a snap.


Gourmet breakfast

A hearty breakfast for big appetites, just perfect for recharging your batteries before going out for a hike or bike ride.


Chakchouka: an all-in-one meal

An ideal meal for brunch, perfect for serving on the patio with family and friends, or for a quick dinner preparation on a weeknight. See the recipe.


Olé, the tostada on the menu!

Warm up the tortilla and vegetable chili, then garnish to your liking, with chili sauce, corn, finely chopped lettuce, or alfalfa sprouts.


Tasty mac and vegetable chili

Combo of vegetable chili and cooked macaroni then gratinated in the oven with cheddar or mozzarella cheese. A meal that’s sure to please.

The benefits of beans

Wooden spoons filled with white, red and pinto beans

Eating better. Eating healthily.
Beans provide a lot of fibre, essential vitamins, and minerals such as calcium and iron. They contain little fat. They have many health benefits and give a feeling of satiety.


A great way to recharge your batteries!
Beans are considered one of the best sources of plant-based protein. Canada’s new Food Guide recommends choosing plant-based protein foods more often.

Where to find our beans?

You will find our tasty varieties online for pick-up or delivery, in grocery stores in the ready-to-eat section, and at our facility counter.