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Proud of its traditions


In 1977, Marc Blanchet and André Gloutnez created Fèves au lard L’Héritage with the ambition of offering the best and most unique recipe for fresh-baked beans. This recipe has not changed. It has been a well-kept secret for over 43 years. It is above all a strong know-how of a perfect equation between an ancestral culinary tradition and integrated agrifood expertise. Fèves au lard L’Héritage is the total blend of respect for tradition, artisanal products of unparalleled quality, and a production structure that meets the needs of demanding customers.


Today, General Manager Robin Blanchet, P.Eng. ASC is at the head of a national family business. While L’Héritage is looking toward new horizons, it is nonetheless a challenge for us to continue to build our future on what has made our reputation for a long time and which constitutes a feat of arms unusual in the world of today’s business: a company wholly based on a niche of beans products.

Cook pouring oven-baked beans in a packaging


Facility for the preparation of oven-baked beans


Cook putting a pot of beans with pork in the oven


Packaging equipment


Engineer verifying refrigeration temperature


Ready to enjoy

It’s quick and easy to prepare a nutritious breakfast, a festive brunch, a comforting dish, or a lunch to go with our tasty varieties.